Q & A

Milorganite & SedgeHammer

Q We want to apply Sedgehammer to the church garden. But also Milorganite. Does it matter in what order we do this? A I would apply the Milorganite first as it is a slow release … [Read more...]

Rose Hips in the Desert

Q Will rose hips ripen here in the valley? (I live in the Gilbert area.) I have several roses about 2-4 years old. Last year a couple had rose hips in late spring/early summer, but they never … [Read more...]

The Fragrance of Roses

Q Can you tell me why florist roses have absolutely no fragrance? Why is it that roses can be hybridized to have longer stems and longer vase life, but in the process, the fragrance is not there? … [Read more...]

Wanted: Yellow Mini

Q I am looking for a mini rose - yellow. I was told that Bees Knees and Abby's Angel are the best for Phoenix. A Please check out our September Rose Lore Newsletter.  It gives a full list of … [Read more...]

English Roses in Arizona

Q I am considering adding some roses to the front of my home, and came across some beautiful roses on Pinterest. I wanted to ask someone if they would grow and thrive here in Arizona. The species … [Read more...]

Brown Leaves on My Roses

Q HELP! I came back after being gone a week, and my mature rose tree now has brown leaves where new buds/flowers should be growing. It looks as if it has lost it's volume. A neighbor took care of my … [Read more...]

Rose leaves turning yellow – Watering Roses

Q I am a "snow bird" in Casa Grande with a small rose garden of 8 bushes. I have a current problem of yellowing leaves on nearly all bushes. It does not appear to be from excess water. I drip water … [Read more...]

Water Wand – Goodbye Aphids and Spider Mites

Q I need to purchase a water wand for washing aphids off of a couple of my rose bushes. I understand from my reading that the wands available in the big-box stores may not be most kind and effective … [Read more...]


Q My Hello Dolly just bloomed and I am so happy. But I now have the beginnings of a pest problem. There are these little brown bugs gathering at the base of new baby leaves and new rose buds. Do … [Read more...]

Rio Samba and Blue Roses

Q I'm looking for a red-yellow hybrid tea rose called Rio Samba. Can you direct me to a place where I might find one? Also, is there a blue rose available? I've had a Paradise and a Blue Girl but did … [Read more...]