Featured Roses

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentines's Day! Here's wishing you and your roses a great year of blooms! … [Read more...]

Bolero – come and bid!

Our annual Rose Auction is coming up on February 7th. I just noticed Bolero is on the list. Bolero is a great Floribunda. It handles our Arizona heat well. 140-160 petals! Old fashioned bloom form! … [Read more...]

Fragrant Cloud

Fragrant Cloud is just what its name is: a cloud of delicious rose fragrance. I just cut these three nice blooms and put them in an Ikea vase that cost less than a dollar. They're on my desk. I get … [Read more...]

Moonstone and The Reason I Grow Roses

I grow roses because I really, really love giving them away. In the morning I make up a bouquet or two and put them in the fridge. My husband might take one to work. Maybe one will go to a doctor's … [Read more...]

Gemini, an early bloom

I planted two new Gemini roses a few weeks ago. One had a bud on it. Here's the bloom. I missed the hybrid tea form stage but photographed it when it opened wide. It's 5 1/2 inches across. Gemini is … [Read more...]

Hot Princess & Other Pink Roses

Q I love your list of "best roses" and like to use it as a reference when I am buying a new rose bush. I want to find a deep pink hybrid tea rose that does well in our heat. "Hot Princess" seems … [Read more...]

2014 Rose Auction Catalog and Rose List!

We have an updated Rose Auction Catalog and Rose List! View them here: Rose Auction.  The auction is Saturday, February 1st, 2014. I saw two of my favorite roses on the list. Here's Angel Face. … [Read more...]