Selecting and Planting Roses

Final Rose Lists for Feb 7th Auction!

We now have pdf's of both our roses available at set purchase prices and roses that will be auctioned. We also have a master list that includes root stock and provenance. The rose in the photo is … [Read more...]

Rose Auction Catalogue

Here it is, folks, the definitive list of 2015 auction roses, with information about each rose and pictures! Click here to download. … [Read more...]

Fragrant Cloud

Fragrant Cloud is just what its name is: a cloud of delicious rose fragrance. I just cut these three nice blooms and put them in an Ikea vase that cost less than a dollar. They're on my desk. I get … [Read more...]

NEW Best Roses for Arizona List

We have a new Best Roses for Arizona List that has been thoughtfully prepared by Marylou Coffman and Carole Holkenbrink. We are so happy to have this! You can either click the link here or just … [Read more...]

Wanted: Yellow Mini

Q I am looking for a mini rose - yellow. I was told that Bees Knees and Abby's Angel are the best for Phoenix. A Please check out our September Rose Lore Newsletter.  It gives a full list of … [Read more...]

English Roses in Arizona

Q I am considering adding some roses to the front of my home, and came across some beautiful roses on Pinterest. I wanted to ask someone if they would grow and thrive here in Arizona. The species … [Read more...]

Moonstone and The Reason I Grow Roses

I grow roses because I really, really love giving them away. In the morning I make up a bouquet or two and put them in the fridge. My husband might take one to work. Maybe one will go to a doctor's … [Read more...]

Rio Samba and Blue Roses

Q I'm looking for a red-yellow hybrid tea rose called Rio Samba. Can you direct me to a place where I might find one? Also, is there a blue rose available? I've had a Paradise and a Blue Girl but did … [Read more...]

Low Growing Roses

Q I have two 4' x 4' flower beds in my front yard by the street exposed to the full sun in Mesa all day. I have hybrid tea roses all along the front of the house and would love to put low-growing … [Read more...]

Rose Order from K & M Roses

I ordered 4 new hybrid teas from K & M Roses. They look pretty good, don't they! K & M has good customer support and fixes any problems with your order if there are any. These roses are … [Read more...]