Why We Garden

I’ve never met Chris VanCleave (aka The Redneck Rosarian) but I feel like I know him from following his blog The Redneck Rosarian by email.

So! Today he posted Garden Walks: The Journey of a Lifetime. It’s a must read. Please read it.

First thing in the morning, I am up out of bed and walking around my garden. This time of year I’m watching for spider mites, deadheading and checking to make sure everything gets water. Picking the last of the yellow pear tomatoes. You probably do it too.

My 89 year old mother has dementia. She raised up an astounding Garden of Eden in her Montana yard for 60 years. She’s here now in Arizona in assisted living. She still does garden walks each morning with her pots on her small balcony. The journey of a lifetime.

Another reason I enjoy The Redneck Rosarian blog is because Chris is in Birmingham and takes a lot of pictures. I get to see summer roses! My summer roses? Here you go:

Cajun Moon in June in Arizona

And the same rose, Cajun Moon, in November: