Rose Chat Radio Podcast

Graphics Processor SettingsIf you enjoy podcasts and you enjoy roses this is for you. It’s great to listen to while you work in your rose garden or while driving around. Rose Chat Radio Podcast:

Join us each week for the Rose Chat Podcast. This top rated gardening podcast explores the different aspects of roses. With topics ranging from where to plant roses, how to select roses for your garden as well as how to maintain them to achieve the garden of your dreams.

You’ll hear from the world’s foremost authorities on growing roses, top authors and poets as well as take a look at roses in art, literature and history.

Hosted by award winning rosarians Chris VanCleave and Teresa Byington, each of whom bring a unique perspective to the wide world of roses.

You can find Rose Chat Radio Podcast here or go to iTunes and subscribe.

Please keep in mind that our climate is very different from those you hear about in the podcasts. To get specific information about growing roses in the Desert Southwest and what varieties to grow contact one of our Consulting Rosarians. (You can find a list of CR’s and their contact info in our latest Rose Lore Newsletter.)

Check out the Articles page of our website. There are many fine articles there about growing roses in our climate.