Bermuda Grass – unwanted!

Fusilade IIQ
I have a problem with invasive bermuda grass in my rose beds. I’m 61 now and with arthritis in my shoulder I’m starting to lose this battle using brute force. Pull, mulch, or use some grass killer that does not do short or long term rose damage? Any suggestions of what works here in the Phoenix¬† area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Bermuda grass in our rose gardens is a big problem here. However, there is a product you can use around your roses and other plants to control it.

The product name is Fusilade II. The active ingredient is Fluazifop-p-buty. It is a very effective herbicide for the control of grass in landscape areas, including in and around flowers. It is easy to use, has a low odor and can be used on a wide range of ornamentals.

It is a “caution” classified product. The label gives directions for use on a large variety of plants. It works best when the grass is growing well, because it gets absorbed and works its way throughout the plant, killing the roots as well as the top growth. (Spraying on dormant Bermuda grass in the winter will have little effect.)

How to use it:

The label has instructions for large areas as well as mixing it down to 1 gallon. The strength I use is 0.75 oz per gallon of water. Mixed in a 1 or 2 gallon sprayer, it can be applied directly over the roses and other plants. The more you get on the grass rather than on the other plants the better.

Always follow the label and cover yourself up – as with any chemical you spray, the less on you the better.

HOWEVER, It does take time to work, 3 – 4 weeks, so be patient.

-Steve Sheard, Master Consulting Rosarian

Steve has been using it for a number of years and find that it works wonders. He uses it on most of his bedding plants such as petunias, snap dragons, sweet peas, and pansies.