The Summer Heat is Nearly Here

Last Spring Roses

As the weather heats up we have fewer and fewer roses and they are smaller and smaller.

Early every morning I cut all the roses I can and fill our smallest vases. I don’t cut long stems because the plants will need all the greenery they can muster to make it through our summer heat.

The roses I cut now in June don’t last as long as the roses I cut in March. See Steve Sheard’s excellent article “Keeping Your Cut Roses Alive Longer” in our May 2014 Rose Lore Newsletter.

We are really enjoying having the blooms indoors. As my husband says, “It’s way too hot outside for roses, so we have to bring them in. It’s the only humane to do.”

This is a great time to check your watering system to make sure all your roses are getting enough water. Enjoy our excellent article Summer Rose Care.