When to Prune Roses in Arizona

Moonstone, pruned in January

Moonstone pruned in January, photographed today

Is mid January still the best time to trim roses, about 1/2 or has that recommendation changed?  I am an Arizona native and for over 40 years my husband and I trimmed them in January for wonderful results.

Also I hope to set up a bus trip in the spring for the residents to view your beautiful gardens at Mesa Community College. How many roses do you now have planted? Many thanks.

We do indeed prune our roses back in January. There is still time if you get it done in the next day or two. You should have beautiful blooms around April 10th.

The Rose Garden at Mesa Community College will be in full bloom around April 10th, as well. Around 9,000 roses. We love to show them off.

We would love to give your group a tour of the garden, just let me know when.

–Marylou Coffman, ARS Judge, Vice Chairman of PSWD, and Consulting Rosarian

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