Compost in the Rose Garden at MCC

Bagging Compost at Rose garden at MCCToday and Saturday, March 8 you can come to the Rose Garden at MCC and buy bags of Ken Singh’s compost. He delivers a mountain of it. Read about Ken Singh and his compost here.

Volunteers spread it in the Rose Garden at warp speed and it quickly disappears. The bags for sale are $5. You can see in the picture above the bags are large. These great guys fill the bags for you. Come beginning 8:30 am.

There are knowledgeable folks there who helped me figure out how much I needed. We put the seats down in our Subaru, spread an old shower curtain in the back and drove 10 bags home. If you have a truck you could also go to Ken Singh’s farm and pick it up yourself.

Ken Singh donates this wonderful stuff and the money goes to benefit the Rose Garden at MCC. So when you buy a bag you’re doing something nice for your own garden and something nice for the Rose Garden at MCC as well.
Laying Compost at Rose Garden at MCCThese people work fast and have fun. Here they are today spreading compost from Ken Singh in the Rose garden at MCC. The Garden is well on its way to being beautiful!