English Roses in Arizona

Abraham Darby

Abraham Darby

I am considering adding some roses to the front of my home, and came across some beautiful roses on Pinterest. I wanted to ask someone if they would grow and thrive here in Arizona.

The species is called Heritage, and they are an English rose. Better Homes and Gardens say they grow well in zones 5-9, is Queen Creek in any of those zones?

Heritage Roses covers the groups of older roses of which there are many varieties. Visit our Mesa East Valley Rose Society website page Best Roses for a listing of old garden roses.

The Master Gardeners have a Heritage Rose Garden at the County Extention office on Broadway and 43rd St.

If you are looking for the Old English Rose Form – you should look at David Austin Roses, he only breeds and introduces roses with the old form and fragrance, and they all grow in the valley.

As a note: The west side of the valley grow over 60% of all roses sold in the United States! Yes, they farm them here.

We will have a rose show at Mesa Community College November 15th – you should come down and look at what is being shown. We also give talks on planting and growing roses in the valley.

Steve Sheard
ARS Master Rosarian