Moving a Fortuniana Rosebush

I have a 7 or 8 year old Ingrid Bergman rose bush that I got from a nursery in the South on Fortuniana root stock by mail. It is a beautiful rose bush but my wife planted a peach tree in front of it and it butts against a high brick wall on the North side of my house. It needs to be moved. Advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

There is a great article on moving Fortuniana Rosebushes in our August 2007 Rose Lore newsletter, beginning on page one. My experience here in the valley is a little different, not unusual.

I agree with trimming the bush down to about 1/3 BUT I believe in leaving as much leaf as possible – my reasoning is the sooner photosynthesis can work and help generate new sugars the better.

Keep the ground WET for about a week (water every day), then back off slowly (every second day for two weeks) to your normal January watering schedule.

As we do not have winter here in the valley – I feel any time between December and February the best time to move a Fortuniana bush.

Steve Sheard, Consulting Rosarian MEVRS