Fertilizer and Planting Roses

Hello, I am preparing to plant some bare root roses this weekend. I would just like to know if i should mix rose food with the mound where the rose is supposed to “sit” on. The instructions from MCC Rose Garden states that I should scratch Disper-sul in the bottom of the hole and then add Triple Super Phosphate as a clump. Then form a mound on top of that with a mixture of forest mulch/compost, native soil and perlite. So would it be beneficial to mix in food with the compost/soil/perlite mixture?

Would it be OK to add gypsum and bone meal to either the mound or the backfill (or both)? I’m really excited to start some roses and I want to get right.

The Disper-sul is to help drainage with our heavy clay soil.

The Triple Super Phosphate is put in as a clump because it does not migrate through the soil and if it is mixed with the soil the chemical reaction with our high salt content makes it inactive (so the outside combines with the soil but the center remains available for the plant.

We do NOT add fertilizer to the mound when planting bare root roses because it will likely BURN the new hair roots. We recommend only fertilizing AFTER the first bloom.

If you use Disper-sul you will not need Gypsum. They do the same thing, so you can use either. Bone meal is OK to use as it is organic and breaks down slowy so will not burn the new roots.

Steve Sheard, Consulting Rosarian MEVRS