Rio Samba and Blue Roses

Wild Blue Yonder Dona Martin

Wild Blue Yonder

I’m looking for a red-yellow hybrid tea rose called Rio Samba. Can you direct me to a place where I might find one? Also, is there a blue rose available? I’ve had a Paradise and a Blue Girl but did not have success with either.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

You might try several of our local nurseries. Rio Samba is a very popular rose, so a lot of the nurseries should have it in stock. It’s always wise to call ahead.

Sorry, no blue roses. The closest you can come to blue is the mauve roses such as Love Song, Singin the Blues, Paradise, Neptune, and Silver Star. These are the lighter mauve shades. Some of the deeper purple roses are Twilight Zone, Purple Heart, Midnight Blue, Ebb Tide, Wild Blue Yonder and Outta the Blue. All of these roses do well here in the valley, and most of these can be found at the local nurseries.

-Marylou Coffman, ARS Judge, Vice Chairman of PSWD, and Consulting Rosarian