Moonstone and The Reason I Grow Roses

Moonstone bouquet

Moonstone bouquet

I grow roses because I really, really love giving them away.

In the morning I make up a bouquet or two and put them in the fridge. My husband might take one to work. Maybe one will go to a doctor’s office or a pal. My elderly mother gets a steady stream of them.

This is Moonstone. It’s so good in a vase – it lasts. My two Moonstone bushes are lovely. They grow wide and the leaves are large and deep green. The leaves are placed nicely on the stems so there’s some greenery in the bouquet.

When I chose Moonstone I read on HelpMeFind : “It will do best where the weather is hot” and “prefers dry climate”. I can DO that!

I get a lot of blooms. Mine are on fortuniana rootstock, which means more bush, more roses, better in our Arizona heat. I often have 4 1/2 inch blooms. Moonstone is a hybrid tea, 4-6 feet tall, not a lot of fragrance. It’s a favorite at rose shows.

And when you give it in a bouquet, people’s eyes light up.

– Webmaster